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Sincerity is a rarity in internet dating and will be noticed by someone who herself is sincere.

Here is an example of my opening line to a man based on these two suggestions.

So I said that his approach to my worry was not very westernised.

I told him that on one site he was divorced and on the CS site he was a widow and by the way it was widower!

Then you will attract someone who likes you for what you are.

Truthfully, it’s really, difficult to make your friends with benefits your boyfriend.

Knowing I would shortyly have another phone number anyway I gave it to him and lo and behold he phoned.

On my number display, I later found out, it had a number showing that he was phoning from Nigeria!

If this is what your relationship consists of, try to get your FWB to go out with you once in a while.Don't think that, despite what has gone before, he really means it this time!Nobody ever does this sort of thing as a one-off, he will try to do it again.When I first noticed that his mails and profile had disappeared and why.Unlucky for him when he appeared on the Yahoo IM service I had just read these pages and was well prepared to confront this guy big time.

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I am thankful to CS that they found out about this man and had him removed!

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