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Viewers of the negative consequences reported more negative views of premarital sex.

Sex is portrayed in both word and deed, with characters discussing sex they have had or want to have, myriad jokes and innuendo, advice from magazines about techniques to “drive your partner wild,” and scenes portraying activities from “making out” to intercourse.In 2005, more than two-thirds of television programs contained sexual content, but portrayals of safer sex were rare.A variety of evidence links exposure to sex in traditional media with shifts in sexual attitudes, behavior, and outcomes.Such studies could be used to inform interventions to reduce negative outcomes and increase positive media effects.Policy makers should stimulate the development of such interventions, including tools to help parents identify and manage negative media influences on their children’s sexual well-being and development and dissemination of innovative media literacy programs related to sexual health.

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You'll likely have multiple conversations with your teen about drug and alcohol use.

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