Timeout updating pb client

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Timeout updating pb client

I have seen similar tweets where others seen the same behavior after upgrading.

SMTSTS: Waiting for Refresh Updates complete notification from Updates Deployment Agent Install SWUpdate 05/09/2018 3776 (0x0EC0)FALSE, HRESULT=800705b4 (installswupdate.cpp,1359) Install SWUpdate 05/09/2018 3776 (0x0EC0)Time-out expired waiting for updates refresh complete notification.

WUAHandler 05/09/2018 536 (0x0218)Source Manager:: Get Is WUf BEnabled – There is no Windows Update for Business settings assignment. WUAHandler 05/09/2018 3892 (0x0F34)Added Update Source () of content type: 2 WUAHandler 05/09/2018 3892 (0x0F34)Scan results will include all superseded updates.

Windows Update for Business is not enabled through Config Mgr WUAHandler 05/09/2018 536 (0x0218)Existing WUA Managed server was already set (https://AXXXXX. WUAHandler 05/09/2018 3892 (0x0F34)Search Criteria is (Deployment Action=* AND Type=’Software’) OR (Deployment Action=* AND Type=’Driver’) WUAHandler 05/09/2018 3892 (0x0F34)Async searching of updates using WUAgent started.

Windows Updates won’t install during OSD, the Install Updates task will eventually fail after a time out (1 hour).

I’m not sure if it’s Config Mgr upgrade related but we had this issue after upgrading to 1806 HF.

Note that only the shorter of the two timeouts will apply.

Save the file overwriting the original (make sure it’s not of the txt extension). Big thanks to this blog: Now the client reports to the WSUS Server and maybe would download something. With Windows 7 there were no problems at all and now you have to execute postinstalls and tweak the IIS settings so WSUS works.

In Xen App 6.x this is controlled by a combination of a Citrix Computer policy, and the ICA Listener Configuration Tool.My Web Client was a private class in my case: Http Web Request request = (Http Web Request)Web Request. New() End Sub Public Sub New(By Val Timeout MS As Integer) My Base. New() _Timeout MS = Timeout MS End Sub ''' Public Write Only Property set Timeout() As Integer Set(By Val value As Integer) _Timeout MS = value End Set End Property Protected Overrides Function Get Web Request(By Val address As System. WUAHandler 05/09/2018 3956 (0x0F74)Its a WSUS Update Source type (), adding it.WUAHandler 05/09/2018 3892 (0x0F34)Not RS3 , this device is SCCM managed.

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WUAHandler 05/09/2018 3892 (0x0F34) Scan Agent Scan Job(): CScan Job Manager:: On Scan Complete -Scan Job is completed.

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