Tips for dating a police officer

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Tips for dating a police officer

At first it feels like a cute novelty that makes you gush with pride around your family and friends.You proudly display your handsome or lovely in a full uniform photo anywhere you think people might see it.“The Ten Truths All Cops Know”Until you overhear one of them bad mouthing the profession or worse, making generalizations like “all cops are racist.”This cuts right to your soul.Up until this point in the article, I have shown only the outside forces that are in play with my argument.The elephant in the room, however, are some of the decisions that cops make when it comes to relationships.The only feelings that cops are good at showing are disdain for human kind. They see bad people doing really bad and despicable things to each other. Oh, and we hate management.“Hi honey, how was your day,” is usually followed with “everyday is the same babe, just dealing with idiots like always.”Wow.What a warm and welcoming greeting to the one you love.

And then this love gets transferred to night shift….

Outside of relationships, cops have it all over other professions as it relates to problem solving and thinking quick on their feet (other than say pilots who happen to strike a flock of Canadian Geese upon take off).

Cops are always doling out solutions that involve everything from citing case law to acting as defacto social workers in their jobs.

Over time this turns into even more depressing conversation or worse, none at all. Because he is also married to the job, he turns and gives you that look you have seen too many times. This work commitment also affects the children of a cop marriage.

Many cops tell me that, as they spend more time on the job, they become even more detached from their spouse which in turn only drives a wedge that can become something worse over time. He reassures you that he shouldn’t be gone too long and that it appears they already have solid leads. Several years ago, after picking up my oldest son (from my first marriage) from the airport, we arrived home and planned on playing golf the following morning.

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But that’s not the purpose of this article or why cops are horrible at marriage.

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