Tom brady dating britney spears

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So let’s say swapping lives with Derek Jeter is off the table; who else would you want to trade places with? Famously dated Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz before marrying Jessica Biel.

The Post has assembled six other candidates who are living well and may give Jeter a run for his money. Net worth of 0 million (as per Celebrity Net -Perfect: Acclaimed rapper and entertainer who now serves as superstar sports agent as well.

This ride was almost going to lead to the altar fr them both as in 2011 they got engaged only to have the engagement called off in 2013.It was a new year now and new years come with new beginnings.Paparazzo Adnan was the big it for our lovely Britney. After their relationship ended, Vritney got a restraining order against Ghalib. Pop princess Spears did not have to look too far this time around. -Perfect: Well-respected nine-time Grammy winner who is married to supermodel Chrissy Teigen -Imperfect: Still probably a secondary figure to some of the starrier stars. -Imperfect: Her marriage with Jay Z may be on shaky terms.

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