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Tori amos trent reznor dating

We talk about this, and after a while I get paranoid about the conversation's direction. I was sleep- ing with my mouth open and Maise never does that normally.

I'm trying to stir a discussion, but more and more it feels as though I'm throwing up a challenge. After that, he ended up going out with a devout, religious girl. Trent: (very long pause) The first things that pop into my head would be "taste", "sweat", "lick", "come", "bite". (he nearly always speaks of her in the present tense) Me: Did you kiss back? I prefer to kiss her on the side of the mouth rather than getting right in.

Onstage, Trent Reznor is a demon possessed by his own sound and fury.

Offstage he's a self-effacing guy who's still in love wtih his dearly departed dog.

"I realize I'm destroying my entire reputation by saying this." Rumours that have circulated about him: that he is dead ("I always here that"), that he is mysogynistic ("It makes me mad"), that there was a paternity suit against him ("I heard that, but it's not true"), that he knew Jeffrey Dahmer ("No affliliation whatsoever"), that he dated Kennedy ("She's just a friend"- they met at the Whiskey in L. Courtney Love has taken to talking ill of Trent Reznor.

A., after Kennedy humiliated him by singing "Head Like a Hole" loudly to his face to win a twenty-dollar bet with a buddy.) Then there is the legendary, impertinent small-penis aspersion. A journalist first taunted him with this notion a while back. "If I have to prove myself, I'll do that," he says. Saying things like: 'Nine Inch Nails, huh-more like Three Inch Nails.' It's a long story, and it is one to which, with some reluctance, Trent gives his side. ' Famous last words..." The first three shows, he didn't talk to her.

He dyes his dark brown hair jet black every six weeks.

And I have a vigorous masturbation routine." The first time Trent smoked pot was with his father when he was fourteen. His grandmother cried when she read his interview in USA Today, because it mentioned that Trent has taken drugs. The only record he could find at the local Kmart that seemed remotely interesting to play in the rental car was Sting's greatest hits.I'm not suggesting you should kill yourself to validate your record, I tell him. "It doesn't mean enough to me to prove myself to you to do that." Later he tells me that when he was making TDS, he never finished recording the most disturbing song of all. Nobody cares at all." Trent Reznor's first kiss was when he was ten. Me: In your songs, sex always seems very carnal and violent. It's kind of incest- uous, you understand, because she's part of the family.He talks about uncontrolled, aimless early desire: discovering you couldn't go up to the blackboard during math "because calculus has given you a hard-on". He pulled out to discover the condom ring at the base of his penis, and nothing else. And watching your videos, one might guess that you have a personal interest in masochism. Me: What should a woman never do on a date with you? (pause) But usually fart lighting is not one of my favourites."I didn't think it would become a frat-party anthem or a titty-dancer anthem," Trent Reznor snorts, and it's hard to tell whether his principal emotion is pride or embarrassment or despair. "I think my next album is going to be called "Music for Titty Bars"".If the growing celebrity of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails is centered around "Closer", "The Downward Sprial", and the inspired collage soundtrack for "Natural Born Killers", Woodstock '94 clinched it.

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Followed by self-destruct mode." Just before Christmas he felt himself nudging toward self-destruct mode, then something pulled him headlong into it. She had jumped over a railing, expecting there to be the same ground on the landing side as the leaping side. Injection completed, Trent digs into a Gap bag for a new black T-shirt. On the way in, Trent signs a couple of autographs, but this doesn't satisfy demand. He simply set to music a suicide description which he wrote down when he was "really fucking utterly superdepressed" and then forgot about. Kurt Cobain is the one who sings "I don't have a gun" and then blows his brains out. It's the combination of the right environment and the right set of lips.