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Each member will have a set of characteristics that he or she can change at any time.When a user of the system logs on by giving his or her name, the system will determine if it is the administrator or a dating member.The goal is to build a (very simple) computerized dating system.Users will be members of the dating service, which will allow them to ask for dates.It includes information on companies and industries from business and trade journals, academic journals, industry reports, newspapers, newsletters, and classic business reference sources. In the search results, click on individual companies to open well-organized company profiles. Nexis Uni contains thousands of full-text sources including newspapers, wires, transcripts, newsletters, magazines, trade journals; also industry news, company information, law reviews, court decisions, statutes. Journal and magazine articles; also books, industry reports, company profiles, SWOT analysis, much more BSC coverage includes virtually all subject areas related to business.This database provides full text (PDF) for some of its journals dating as far back as 1886.

The collection consists of films produced almost exclusively in the communist world and later versioned into English for distribution in the West.

LIBRARY PILOT EXTENDED THROUGH JUNE 2020 Current awareness service to help you keep track of new research in your field.

Create a customized list of up to 64 scholarly journals (from among hundreds of publishers) to monitor for newly published articles.

They will choose from a set of allowable preferences, and the system will try to find someone belonging to the service who matches the preferences.

An administrator will be able to add new members and delete members.

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It ranges from the early twentieth century to the 1980s and examines the themes of War & Revolution, News & Current Affairs plus Culture & Society.

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