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GTE bought Automatic Electric outright in 1955, and it continued operating into the 1980s.Lenkurt, a manufacturer of carrier equipment, was purchased by GTE in 1959, and held separately from Automatic Electric until 1983, when GTE merged Automatic Electric and Lenkurt into GTE Network Systems, which was quickly renamed GTE Communication Systems when AT&T announced the renaming of Western Electric as AT&T Network Systems.A smaller Rental telephone refurbishment operation was also moved to the Huntsville plant in the 1970's.The plant was closed in the mid 1980's as domestic labor and production costs rose sharply aginst overseas competitors.Let’s take a look at where these options are and how to reach them. Press the one that says “Auto-Update Apps” – it should be right at the top of the Settings options.If you want to stop all apps from automatically updating themselves, follow these steps. Beside the search bar on the left you’ll see an icon which consists of three lines, one on top of the other. Once done, you’re presented with a selection of different options for auto-updating apps.

This is perfect for that garage sale find or e Bay treasure for the experienced tinkerer.In the mid 1960's, a manufacturing plant was built in Huntsville, Alabama.Public "coin operated" telephones and the "Styleline" line of consumer telephones were manufactured here.You can either have auto-updates run as normal, disable them, or have apps auto-update when you’re on Wi Fi.The latter will be especially useful for people with a fragile phone data plan but a wholesome (if not infinite) data cap on their home Internet.

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Thankfully, you can disable auto-updates for individual apps and allow other apps to auto-update when they want to.

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