Updating cs server

Posted by / 23-Dec-2020 01:45

Updating cs server

During the initial phase of the update installer you will be prompted with the following screen You have to select the tick box before you are able to continue to the next step of the update installer.

Note : For deployments of Information Platform Services, the request of a license key via SAP Service Marketplace is not available.

In case you are using the default (SQLAnywhere) database for the CMS, please ensure you deploy the SQLAnywhere 16 drivers on the additional nodes for for updating them.

Similar steps are valid in case you need to uninstall the 4.2 Update.

The process to remove License Keys by script can be found in In case if you are using Web Application Container Server(WACS) as the only Web Application Server to access CMC or in case of multiple license keys need to be recorded in your system you can add your License Key(s) by script as well.As of SAP Business Objects BI 4.2 SP2, you will need a new license key to finish up the upgrade of any earlier version of BI4.x.The new update installer will inform you with this during the initial steps of the installer as well at finalization of this installation.Any customer/partner with a valid (maintenance) contract has the ability to request a new key.You can request the exact same license key as you have been using in your existing BI4.0 / BI4.1 deployment without the need to renegotiate your existing contract.

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The process to add License Keys by script can be found in After you have entered you 4.2 License Key it is recommended to restart you Server Intelligent Agent (SIA) before enabling you servers.