Updating initial configuration polycom

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Updating initial configuration polycom

In the Provisioning Server page, make the following changes: Most distros that include Free PBX and Asterisk (including the Free PBX Distro) includes a TFTP server that will respond to TFTP requests by supplying files contained in the /tftpboot folder.

On the same screen, please note your Model as well.

You can find tons of programs like this on the internet but the one that we use in our house is Solar Winds.

Then enter all the required information and then click “Download Software”.

If the phone was only used previously in a standard, minimal configuration. This removes all the settings that can be modified via the "Setup" when the phone first boots.

Note: The phone will attempt to boot up and configure the settings of the employee assigned to the phone.

Parameters contained in will be loaded by every phone, while parameters in will be loaded only by the phone that has that particular mac address.

It will also ask your DHCP server if it supports "Option 66." If your DHCP Server does, the Polycom phone will obtain the information set in Option 66 and use it to attempt to download a configuration file from the source designated.

Polycom makes a very popular series of SIP phones that work with Asterisk and Free PBX.

The VVX Business Media Phones are the latest models.

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