Updating links in indesign applescript how internet dating works

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Updating links in indesign applescript

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There are several History plug-ins out there, but Harbs at In-Tools created two simple free scripts that give you a list of all the Undo or Redo steps (Figure 2).

Just choose a step, click OK, and it takes you there.

And even more fortunately, Peter Kahrel has made a script that can convert your footnotes into endnotes!

Even better, he has other scripts that can convert footnotes into side notes (which sit in the margins) and more! And then you get there and realize, nah, you were better off redoing 18 of them?

The hardest part of using this script is the text file you have to create to control the script.

Or go to Design Secrets.com/free for the full list of links to the sites where you can download the scripts.

Congratulations: By starting to read this article you have taken the first step towards making your life far easier!

I’m going to uncover a secret that can transform you from a regular In Design User to a super-powered force of nature!

One of the most stunning examples of a free script available is Calendar Wizard, a by Scott Selberg that he has posted at the popular open source Source Forge site.

Calendar Wizard can create calendars in a wide variety of forms, and with a wide range of options — including holidays, phases of the moon, and calendars in over 20 different languages (Figure 1)!

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