Updating military physical profiles estella warren dating

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Updating military physical profiles

Return to Top After the MEB Process Begins If additional medical evidence, such as test results, arises or there are further developments to your conditions after the MEB Process has begun, make sure to get the additional evidence to your PEBLO as soon as possible to avoid a serious delay and to ensure that the conditions are properly rated.

For example: Jenny has a wrist condition that is being reviewed by the MEB.

Topics: The MEB Process Preparing for the MEB Process After the MEB Process Begins When a service member develops a medical condition that may make him Unfit for Duty, he enters the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), which combines the Do D Disability Process with the VA Disability Process.

The first half of the IDES is known as the MEB Process.

This data is input into an algorithm to plot each participant’s result on the Fitness Profile, which ranges from red (not operationally fit, i.e., did not pass the FORCE Evaluation) to orange (operationally fit but low health-related fitness) to yellow (operationally fit and marginal health-related fitness) to green (both operationally fit and high health-related fitness).

Providing participants with their Fitness Profile will give evaluators the opportunity to encourage military personnel to improve their overall physical fitness, recommend training plans to target particular weaknesses, and recommend preventative Health Promotion programs.

It combines two measures: Operational Fitness, Assessed via the FORCE Evaluation; and Health-Related Fitness Based on an estimation of cardio respiratory fitness (derived from FORCE Evaluation results) and on a measure of waist circumference.

Find Your Conditions on our site to see what information is needed to properly rate your conditions.

You should then know what information must be included in the medical evidence that is submitted at the start of the MEB Process.

All CAF personnel have access to their Fitness Profile by accessing the Fitness Profile calculator here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no career sanctions related to the Fitness Profile.

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The MEB Process continues with the MEB reviewing these reports and any other relevant medical and administrative records.