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Vegetarian dating nyc

If you had to put one name to the vegetarian restaurant culture of NYC, it might be Matthew Kenney.

This restaurant is the perfect place to start your day with a fresh juice, smoothie, or coffee.

Walk into Mother of Pearl and its as if you've entered a parallel universe—one with dripping Murano glass chandeliers and slow-moving fans.

Order a cocktail before dinner, and you might not even notice that the menu is entirely vegetarian (we didn't).

We have, and it’s a real bummer, especially when you see your friends choosing between dozens of delectable meat-based dishes.

Luckily when you’re in New York City, you’ll never run out of options.

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We love its Marigold Honey Bee juice made with grapefruit, turmeric, yuzu, kumquat, and bee pollen—a bright, vitamin C–rich drink to kick-start your morning. Try its Breakfast Scramble, which features scrambled eggs, cashew carrot cheese, adzuki bean bacon, and harissa mayo on a Kossar’s bagel.