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I realized very quickly as I was educating staff that my nurses were very busy, and wondered how I could get information to them in small snippets, first of all, and second of all, how I could increase their access to education.

I wasn’t able to grab them all at once and teach them, so as a result, I began to look at computer-based teaching for the nurses.

Now, I am starting to work more in the area of assisting patients with their work flows in using health information technology.

I do a lot of work in piloting health care apps to patients.

It’s a new area for me because when I first started over 10 years ago, it was more about how can we implement clinical systems for the providers?

How can we make sure the doctors and the nurses know how to use the systems? How is technology helping with efficiencies and patient outcomes?

Through the ANI emerging leaders program, I was provided a thoughtful, insightful mentor, Susan Hull, who continues to be a tremendous source of support for me in the field. Gil Kuperman as the best coworker to provide regular guidance and to answer all of my burning informatics questions. All of my athletes are required to submit heart rate and power data from their workouts.That’s when the light bulb went off for me, realizing the importance of what technology and data can do to empower clinicians and make a difference in patient care.I want to make an impact on nursing, specifically, to bring a strong nursing voice to the field of informatics. C., has some pretty extensive regulations governing street performers, including a special section relating specifically to bagpipers.Along with rules laying out where and when pipers can pipe, there is also legislation stating that a bagpiper can't perform at "the same time as another street entertainer whose performance includes bagpipes." Sadly, this eliminates the possibility of ever hearing "Duelling Banjos" played with bagpipes.

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I’m not completely fluent, but people are always surprised that I can pick up when they are speaking Spanish.

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