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What the bible say about dating

The nearest thing we have to dating (courtship) in Scripture is in Genesis 28.It is the touching story where Isaac told Jacob to go to Padan Aram and marry one of his uncle Laban's daughters (Genesis 28:1 - 2).However, she went to college where she met a fellow, and wrote to say they were going to be married. One of the girls I had been dating was waiting in the wings.When the letter came from college, Jeannette made sure she was at the head of the line for dates. We had a wonderful life together for three years, until she got sick and sadly died at the age of 24.

A Godly relationship, simply put, is one in which both parties continuously pursue the Lord, but the aspects of living out such a call can be very dynamic.

The narrative jumps to Genesis 29 where Jacob falls head over heels in love with his cousin Rachel.

He then declares his willingness to work as his uncle's hired hand for seven years for Rachel.

When his uncle tricked him into marrying Rachel's older sister, Leah, Jacob agreed to work another seven years to have Rachel.

His love and devotion to her is truly amazing (see Genesis 29:1, 4 - 5, 9 - 12, 16 - 18, 20 - 22, 25 - 28)! Do not make the mistake that sex is the same as love.

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Relationships were first instituted by the true heart of God the Father.