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What to say in sex chat

“That’s a very intimate thing—you’re both in on the secret, that she’s turned on by you,” says Lorraine.Even referencing her wetness before she’s fully aroused can help produce the desired response: “The brain sometimes doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t,” says Jaiya.They lead a person into the trap of “ever-increasing wickedness” (Romans ).A person who is immoral in his/her mind and desires will eventually become immoral in his/her actions. " Answer: The Bible nowhere mentions cyber-sex (cybersex) or phone sex, obviously, because "cyber-anything" and "phone-anything" were not possible in Bible times.The answer to this question depends somewhat on whether the people involved are married to each other.“When a man speaks like that—‘yes’ or ‘absolutely’—it shows that certainty.” It also says you’re a guy who’s willing to do what makes her happy, including in the bedroom: “If she lets out a moan and you say, ‘yes,’ it gives her permission to go even deeper into her pleasure,” says Jaiya. Related: 45 Hot Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try “I love you” isn’t the only way to drop the “L” word—simply saying you love a specific part of her body will effortlessly ignite her desire.

“It’s assurance that she’s making her man feel good and he’s aroused.” Related: 5 Unbelievable Ways You Can Get an Orgasm Read: You’re not only complimenting the youthfulness of her body—you’re also letting her know that she’s playing a potent role in your pleasure.

Related: 20 Dirty Words You Should Never Say to a Woman Lesson learned: “If your woman has a sense of humor, don’t be afraid of funny words.” Coining sexual catchphrases that make you laugh can actually be an act of intimacy—a shared joke that only the two of you are in on, says Jaiya.

In case you haven’t watched Fifty Shades of Grey, let us catch you up: Women want to be wanted—and they don’t want you to be shy about it.

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Cyber-sex and phone sex are fantasizing about that which is immoral and impure.

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