Whitney duncan dating survivor

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While Whitney was apparently single, People reported that she “has in fact been married since Aug.

I can't put a finger on it, I've just never had such a crazy connection with someone in my life." There were a lot of rumours going around about the "scandal" of your past relationships, of course. I was in an unhappy, unhealthy relationship and who would have thought that I would find love on ? He told Rumor Fix, “She had no remorse, she said ‘I met a guy on Survivor and I don’t know what else to tell you.'” He also said, “At first I was mad and hated her but now I can say that everything happens for a reason and I’m in a better place now.”You may recall that Whitney was extremely angry about being betrayed by Cochran, perhaps because she was struggling with her own betrayal. She hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with her marital status on “Survivor.”2.I wouldn't say I hold any grudges, though." What was your strategy had the tables turned and Savaii took out Upolu?"The great thing is that the whole tribe would agree that Ozzy would have gone.

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"I think there would have been people flipping before that point. We could have gotten rid of Ozzy before the six just because of the physical threat he posed.