Who is simon amstell dating australian dating and relationship reality television series

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Who is simon amstell dating

The implication of this is clear: Benjamin lacks stability or routine, and is consequently stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and self-pity until the emergence of his newest project. To Benjamin, Noah is a talented, beautiful, exotic fantasy that will save him from his depression and anxiety.

For the first half of the film, Benjamin is in limbo between the emergence of his first and second film.

Despite the obvious importance of the meeting, Benjamin is unable to prevent himself from ruining a good first impression by calling over his ex and hashing out their unpleasant breakup right in front of Noah’s mother and father.

Afterwards, Noah asks Benjamin to talk to him, in the hopes of understanding why.

Their relationship is exemplified in a scene where Benjamin meets Noah’s parents for the first time.

Coincidentally, Benjamin’s ex-boyfriend is there at the restaurant as well, but has not seen him.

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