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One year ago today we went toe-to-toe with the Sharks.

@lorigreinershark was lovely, @rohanoza slept on @drinksupercoffee and @robert_herjavec isn’t getting any younger!!

If not, at least you are now aware such a thing exists…maybe you might take some comfort in that. I will admit I have only written this short piece on the game out of a bizarre sense of ‘er, what? Why not watch its trailer, while you are here, its…interesting?

’ Dating sims are not games I play, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to question why one exists about tanks.

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So its not surprising to see various different dating simulators tackle the object of affection within the game in unconventional fashions, and thus the interesting results that arise because of that.Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration, you are dating a collection of stereotypical anime styled girls, who bear the names of famous tanks, such as the American M4 Sherman and the Soviet T-34.Perhaps the best way to summarise The basic plot of the game involves you the player, in the role of Erwin Lemmor, a recent transfer student to the a unnamed prestigious military academy to study Armoured Warfare.“The Hills” alum Lo Bosworth is dating a guy who was once on “Shark Tank,” we’re told.The 2000s reality star was at an event over the weekend with Jimmy De Cicco, co-creator of organic energy drink Kitu Super Coffee, which was featured on the hit ABC show last year.

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#Repost @sharktankabc with @get_repost ・・・ Well, that just happened. 😱😂 MORE CELEB NEWS ‘Laguna Beach’ and Former ‘Hills’ star Lo Bosworth Reveals Her Wellness Journey Brody Jenner’s Wife Kaitlynn Always Watched ‘The Hills’ Before Meeting Her Husband When Did Frankie Delgado Marry His Wife Jennifer Acosta?

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