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So the employees decided to leave the venue altogether and continue drinking, outside of what was deemed to be the workplace.Employers can't expect to assert the right to take action against employees who they think have misbehaved, if they don't set out rules on employee conduct in the first place.Conduct that would be considered lawful outside the workplace can actually be subject a variety of laws if it occurs in a work setting.Most of us are familiar with "ghosting" (unfortunately).For example, if two workers are in a romantic relationship and one is performance appraising or deciding on the promotion of the other, then there is a clear case of perceived bias.

The commission found the employee, who engaged in "aberrant" behaviour, was unfairly dismissed, as some of the more serious incidents in question occurred beyond the temporal and physical boundaries of the workplace.

In recent weeks two prominent news stories have highlighted workplace romances blowing up into costly public scandals.

The romantic relationship between Seven West Media chief executive Tim Worner and former executive assistant Amber Harrison sparked an ugly legal brawl and left in its wake claims of bullying, breaches of contract and confidentiality and a corporate giant using its might to protect its own.

If the conduct had occurred in a work setting, the employer would have been vicariously liable for employee behaviour that breached sexual harassment policies.

A key factor in this case was that the employer directed employees to follow their policies at the work function.

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