Www adventistdating com

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Www adventistdating com

They suggested I get a real hosting package, so I did. I'm so sad and angry and do not have the know how to fix it..They stated they would move the site for free due to all the troubles. I've spent thousands getting trademarks, hosting, software, and marketing.They wouldn't tell us the server settings, so after reluctantly allowing them access they conceded it was them.

They have a forum where other customers can talk about their businesses and offer advice.Well nothing, no email replies and no text replies, nothing for two months.Luckily I had decided to move platforms and two month later moved to my current supplier (who btw get a lot of ex SD customers coming to them). Don't know why I didn't kick SD into touch years ago.Skadate cost me 9 months of hell and I lost a great deal of time and money, not to mention hair!SD make out they are based in US, but they are based in some former Russian republic, Kazakhstan I think.

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If you have a few things to work through, the costs comes down to just cents per issue and the support is absolutely top professional.

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