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When I got there, she didn't seem very happy to see me.I tried to explain to her what I was afraid of and she said, "Don't think so much." (Actually, looking back, maybe it would have helped.I’m looking for a loving and caring man who will love me and my daughter.I would like him to be self-confident, that he knows what he wants in life and that he achieves his goals.When I say a profile is like a resume, I don’t mean that you should list your accomplishments in bullet points.

In this case, the amount of single people who are in to use this method.I want to find a real man, who is honest, understanding, reliable, to whom I can trust my heart and my soul.The man of my dreams is caring and loving, honest and sincere, easy-going and with a good sense of humor.Maybe his father was the type who would try to distract his son with thrilling and risky sports such as hang gliding, soccer, surfing, and race car driving.I just stood there, stunned, while I watched and made mental notes.

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" Then maybe I could have explained it to her and she would have learned something useful and it would have started us on a path of better communication and understanding.…

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