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Any data source that you access in Mobile Together is represented as a little tree structure on the right side of your Mobile Together Designer window under “Page Sources”.Each tree structure starts with a root that has a name, such as $XML1 or $DB1, and then there are individual pieces of data – called elements – underneath that root.Also, it is a good practice – and sometimes essential – to put spaces around your operators to ensure that they are not mistaken for being part of an element or attribute name.This is especially true for the - (minus) operator.refers to the current directory in a file system, the .refers to the current element in XPath, and similarly the double period ..Assuming that your data structure has separate elements for quantity and price (that may be editable by the user), you can then simply calculate the total amount for that line item with the above multiplication using * (asterisk).One of the really cool capabilities of XPath is that you can save yourself a lot of typing by doing the multiplication right within the XPath by using parenthesis when you get to the right point in the path, so this shortened version is equivalent to the above expression: Similarly, you can use (plus) and - (minus) as mathematical operators.

Interestingly, this analogy to directory paths also holds for two very common abbreviations in XPath: just like a single period .It lets you pick out the data from your database that matches a certain criteria The equivalent concept in XPath is called “Predicates”.An XPath predicate allows you to specify selection criteria that will only pick certain elements that match the specified criteria.that refers to a parent directory in a file system also refers to the parent element in XPath.If your data source happens to be an XML document, or XML data that is being returned by a web service, then the data that is contained in that tree structure comes in two different flavors: elements and attributes.

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